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Deutsche Bank

A wide reaching project providing a ‘source of truth’ for both design and development teams across Deutsche Bank products.


 – Design system
 – Ideation
 – Visual design
 – Interaction design
 – Design specifications
 – Documentation


Working alongside a Senior UX Designer, a strong understanding of the needs of both design and development teams was arrived at through a process of interviews and observation.

During the design phase, a highly flexible structure able to contain nuerous content types across a diverse range of platforms was created through sketching and prototyping.

As this was an internal project, we took advantage of our ‘clients’ being close by to validate our solutions – iterating and evolving the system as requirements developed.

I then put together a clean, structed UI to bring a visual understanding to the interface and rounded it all off with a set of detailed design specifications – a design system for a design system...


The delivery of a rich yet easily accessible tool kit helped maintain consistency while reducing build times and costs across a range of Deutsche Bank products.

Design system

Detailed specifications

Project:       Design System/Software Development Kit
Client: Deutsche Bank
UX Lead: Ray Warren
UX Design: Ana Vadillo