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The Sun: Tablet edition

The Sun has the largest circulation of a UK newspaper, and as part of their drive to become a digital content provider, this tablet only app helped bring that to reality across both iOS and Android.

The project presented a key problem of managing large amounts of copy across a multitude of devices with vastly differing screen sizes, while also maintaining a consistent look and feel true to the parent brand.

Initial wireframe modelling and prototyping allowed for successful user testing of a interaction model based around a horizontally scrolling, immersive tabloid styled concept which allowed for dip in, dip out easy reading aimed at the core readership of the parent publication.

I devised a solution using a flexible, solid yet scalable grid structure, reactive to both the size of the device in use and the type of content being displayed.

The build concept split the key screen sizes into cells capable of holding a given length of copy. 

These cells were based on the size of articles used by The Sun editors for both online and in the physical paper and when used in conjunction with a page building framework, allowed for a consistent build across the varying device sizes and operating systems.

When the cells and grid were combined, a range of flexible templates were created allowing editors to quickly and easily create bespoke layouts that were constent across the varying devices.

Detailed reference documentation outlining template structuring, type use, word counts etc were then constructed and distributed to the The Sun editors.

Role: Design Lead
Project:     Visual Design,
Design Patterns,
UX Design
Client: The App Business
Creative Director: Iain McConchie
Project Manager: Antonia Redgrove