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Ubuntu One

As the commercial cloud service from Ubuntu, Ubuntu One was found on the desktops of Linux, PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS, offering syncing for files and photos alongside music streaming.


 – Art Direction
 – Visual Design
 – Ideation
 – Branding
 – UX Design
 – Interaction Design
 – Documentation

A wide ranging and diverse project, work undertaken on Ubuntu One, often shortened to U1, could be split into three key areas:

Ubuntu One brand

Developing the brand while maintaing the relationship to the master Ubuntu brand, I provided an updated, more flexible logo along creating a comprehensive look and feel and associated documentation. 

U1 Music

I delivered a flexible, simple yet expandable UX system alongside the look and feel for U1 Music Streaming for mobiles.

U1 Files

I also created the UX for the Ubuntu Files redesign – a simple, flexible methodology which could be built upon for all other aspects of the Ubuntu One service.

Ubuntu One brand

During the process of evolving the Ubuntu One brand, I shaped the U1 logo into a well rounded, flexible asset – suited to the platforms on which it would be displayed – while keeping it undeniably part the parent Ubuntu brand.

I also defined both photographic and illustration styling, defining thier use on the platform.

Comprehensive documentation accompanied the brand development.


Throughout both U1 and Ubuntu's brand are the pictograms and illustrations created by the legendary illustrator Peter Grundy.

I worked closely with Peter to create a series of works representing services offered by U1.

Visual design, applying a consistent brand message

By addressing the question of what U1 was attempting to communicate to it's customers, it was possible to reshape a confused and cluttered first point of contact.

A consistent visual approach was applied to all aspects of U1, from web to mobile to social media.

UX design: User registration

I provided a comprehensive audit of and a vastly streamlined process of registration and upgrade, taking the initial point of contact from a repeated message spread over 12 pages to a single page.

By clarifying the sales message without loss of information or brand messaging, I was able to provided clear, concise information at relevant points.

I was also able to streamline and significantly simplify the upgrade process, from nine pages to just two.

U1 Music: Look and feel, interaction design

Building on the U1 branding, the mobile music service fits into the family of products while also helping to pushing the style forward.

I also proposed severation unique interaction models that helped expand the interface greatly.

U1 Music: Pictograms

Working with illustrator Peter Grundy a number of innovative, easily understood pictograms were developed as buttons and navigational aids.

U1 Music: UX design

I provided a unique, simple and flexible gesture driven interface.

Flexible and expandable to other proposed mobile services, the interface addressed user needs while offering expected functionality with a suitable level of discoverability.

U1 Files: UX design

A comprehensive redesign of the U1 Files service expanded upon it's scope and capabilities.

Conceived around a highly flexible design proposal, the service could adapt to a variety of needs, including expansion to other services within U1 on a variety of devices.

The project began with an initial research phase which included defining and understanding:
– Business requirements
– Interviews with users
– Usage data
– Development constraints

Entering into the design phase, a model was defined before being tested as a paper prototype. The project passed through several phases of iteration before I moved to the Ubuntu Touch project.

Role: Art Direction, UX Design
Project:     Brand Development,
Visual Design,
Design Patterns,
Concept Creation,
UX Design
Client: Canonical
Head of Brand & Visual Design: Marcus Haslam
Head of UX (Ubuntu One): Robert Grant
Illustrator: Peter Grundy