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Ubuntu Typography

I conducted an in-depth audit and analysis into the use of typographic elements within the Ubuntu desktop environment. From this investigation I was able to provide recommendations intended to improve legibility throughout the Ubuntu family.

The project provided the ground work for the graphical interface of Ubuntu Touch. A similar project conducted around icon use was undertaken with Reading University.


 – Research
 – Analysis
 – Documentation
 – Interface design
 – Typographic structure

Product definition and research

A comprehensive audit of how typography is used throughout the Ubuntu desktop was conducted and each element within documented.

This was the first project to examine Ubuntu desktop as a whole entity.

The audit was supported by a map of the components within the desktop.


Each individual component was then analysed and documented to identify patterns and inconsistencies.


From the outcomes of the first two steps, recommendations were made including an improved structure of key interface elements, clarification of font use patterns and a clear, simple font scale made through comprehensive documentation.

Role: Art Direction, Typography
Project:     Font use within Ubuntu Desktop
Client: Canonical
Head of Brand & Visual Design: Marcus Haslam
User Experience Lead: Charline Poirier
Interaction Designer: Matthew Paul Thomas