Neale Willis

Art Direction.
UI/UX Design.
Problem Solving.
Tea Drinking.

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Working closely with Information Architects, Development teams and stakeholders, a large amount of innovative work contributed toward the development of an award winning and highly engaging trading platform.

Role: Design Lead
Client: RMA Consulting
Deliverables:     Initial Look & Feel
Definition of Typographic Use
Large Data Set Structure
Design Specifications

Ubuntu Touch

Part of the convergent Ubuntu family, the Ubuntu Touch operating system was described as "looking more elegant than Android, and more functional than Windows Phone" by VentureBeat and was awarded Best of MWC by CNET at the Mobile World Congress.

I provided the brand elements, the initial look and feel and visual design patterns, building on work from the Ubuntu Typography and Ubuntu One projects.

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Role: Art Direction
Client: Canonical
Deliverables:     Initial Look & Feel
Visual Design Patterns
Consistency Policing

DWS Investments

Working closely with an Experience Architect to deliver a user-friendly solution to a complex on-boarding process for a customer-centric product across mobile, web and tablet.

Role: UI/Visual Design
Client: Deutsche Bank
Highlights:     UI/Visual Design
Design Specifications

Ubuntu Typography

A wide reaching and complex project to improve legibility across the Ubuntu family of products.

This project provided the ground work for the graphical interface of Ubuntu Touch.

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Role: Art Direction
Client: Canonical
Deliverables:     Typographic Audit
Legibility Improvements

The Sun: Tablet Edition

As part of the drive to become a digital content provider, this tablet only app helped bring that to reality across both iOS and Android.

The project presented a key problem of managing large amounts of copy across a multitude of devices with vastly differing screen sizes, while also maintaining a consistent look and feel true to the parent brand.

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Role: Art Direction, 
UX Design
Client: The App Business
Deliverables:     Content Structure
Visual Design
Design Specifications